I do not really like flights. I do like planes as a genius of engineering, I do like take offs because of the power and speed, but I hate the rest – endless hum, bums, and food it-always-has-the-same-taste. Well, I am assuming if I flew first class, I could enjoy flights more, yet my bank account is weak for such things.
For the last three weeks I did about 30 000 miles and at the begging I expected all the same (see above), yet Qantas added some spicy details in my trip.

The QF128 flight from Hong Kong to Sydney takes about 9 hours (Boeing 747-400). Amazing service, great board attendances, more-or-less comfortable seats, and a lot of Australian wine during the flight. However, one thing was “funny”. 

If you don’t know, the most dangerous parts of the flight are take off and landing. At least, I read it somewhere. So, all the passengers are on board, long taxiing, taking off, and about 10 minutes later the following screen is in front of me

QF128 qantas flight media system reboot

Holy molly, WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON ?! Read the rest of this entry »