Clean Spring MVC Web Application

As a base for the future blog entries, I have created a simple web application based on the Spring Web MVC framework and checked it in to the git repository. If you just want to take a look at the application (or maybe use it for your specific purposes), please use the github repository; however, if your are interested to create an application on your own, the following steps may be beneficial for you. Read the rest of this entry »

First Experience with Servlet 3.0

Das Ostern is finished and finally, I’ve been assigned to a project. As you know, sometimes it takes a few days to prepare environment, setup all accounts, and so on. Thus, during the last two days my schedule is pretty much relaxed and I can spend some time for self-education – I am reading the Servlet 3.0 specification, writing some simple application in order to try discovered features, and wondering about two things: how really cool servlet 3.0 is and how I could missed it?! If you did not touch it as well, take a look on the following briefly Read the rest of this entry »