Issue in serialization of subclasses of any IExternalizable implementation

Let’s consider the following use-case.

There is a client – server basic application. The client uses a simple remoting to communicate with the server side. The server side could be powered on WebORB, BlazeDS or any other solution. The client side is using the FLEX framework. That is it about the technology stack. Now, let’s forget about the server side and just have a look at the following client code Read the rest of this entry »

.NET to Flex Data Push using Messaging Destinations

Few days ago I received a question about how to push data from the server code (C#) to the client side (ActionScript) though a messaging (publish/subscribe) destination. The server side is powered by WebORB for .NET and the client side is a Flex (or AIR) client. Read the rest of this entry »

How To Secure Your Application (Flex + Remoting/RPC)

In the following article I would like to show how to secure a Flex application which uses RPC (remote procedure calls) to communicate with the server-side. The article consists of three parts:

  1. A simple use-case and the problem description
  2. How to hack a Flex application
  3. How to secure it

The problem is not related to a particular product. However, the solution provided above is oriented only for WebORB for .NET.¬†Well, let’s move forward to the step #1? Read the rest of this entry »