Hello everybody,

my name is Cyril and I am ok with English, German, Ukrainian, and Russian languages. I do have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and for many years my activity has been deeply connected with the software development. My professional area of interest is web development. Hybris, Java, Spring, JPA, Hibernate, JUnit, etc – these are just a few of all interesting things that I know and have a profound experience with.

Why did I start this blog? Well, the first reason is to practice my ability to write clearly. The other reason is to share interesting approaches, ideas, and details that I have observed so far.

Additionally to my blog, I am working on my personal project, playing with algorithms, and solving problems from the topcoder archive.

Probably, that is it. I am always open for new contacts so if you want to ping me, just use my linkedin profile:

Best regards,